Leather Crafter


I started making leather covers as a hobby, just tinkering around with leatherwork. It turns out I had a real knack for it. Some friends of mine from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) asked if I could make a cover for their "Big Book." I thought, Why not give it a shot? The result was impressive, and soon more AA friends wanted one. What started as a favor turned into a business: Mike's Leather Book Covers.

I operate out of my shop in eastern Idaho, near Yellowstone National Park. Sometimes, I have to shoo away some of my wife's cows, sheep, or goats (plus a few chickens and ducks) from the driveway so I can head to town for supplies.

It wasn't long before I looked at my old, worn Bible and thought it deserved a nice cover too. And, predictably, my church friends wanted covers for their Bibles as well. I believe in treating books like old friends—they deserve a decent coat too, don't they?

My wife and son joined in to help with orders. It's great family teamwork. Every cover from Mike's Leather Book Covers is handcrafted right here in the USA. We don't outsource any part of it.

Then, one day, a gentleman from Boston called. He had a rare book that needed a cover. Could I do it? I assured him I could cover anything with leather, as long as I had the measurements. It's crucial to get those dimensions right. That's why I always recommend sending me the book you want covered. But if that's not possible, don't worry—I'll walk you through how to get the measurements I need.

Take special care of your most valuable books. You and your book are unique, and I treat each project with that in mind. Get handcrafted, old-school leatherwork from a craftsman who's in it to make a difference, not a killing: me, Mike Carlson, your leather book cover expert. Get the numbers right, and I'll get your leather book cover right. You can count on it.

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